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Some of my favorites from after the wedding at Millcreek! So happy for you guys, congrats!!!

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This shoot was a blast! We had to load everything on a boat and go out on the lake to an island. Paul is really outdoorsy so it was really meaningful to do a shoot with a tent out on an wooded island. So much fun, I love Faith and Paul! Good Luck to you both, can’t wait to shoot your wedding!

So…I’m such a fan of props and themed shoots-its amazing what ten dollars at a thrift store will get you! I also looked around my house and found some of these items also. Engagement shoot with Faith and Paul next week *so excited*! 🙂

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Images 1-3: These are some sketches for the zoo icons (last image) I initially did. I ended up bringing them onto the computer and tracing them with the pen tool because I am pretty good at drawing. I tried to come up with a distinct style for all of the animals, a unique and uniform one. The style I went with was somewhat abstract and cutout, for example the stripes on the zebra, any major shadows, eyes, etc were all cut out.

Image 4: This is the group project we did. We had to do a character illustration and put him in a scene. My partner and I decided to do something humorous and ironic so we chose to do an old man skydiving, complete with his dentures falling out. Its very cartoonish and animated looking.

Image 5: We were required to redesign the current Concerned Women for America logo. I tried to choose color schemes that were not too far off from the classic, all American blue and red but I tried to vary the shades I used. My goal was to make it compact, and represent the company well.

Image 6: This is my final project. I chose to do a web concept. My style in photography and graphic design tends to be vintage so I make it look kind’ve collage-ish and used a vintage color scheme. There’s four different icons, they represent the other pages included in the site. I tried to make them all uniform, but slightly unique in their own way.

My portfolio for my advanced digital photography class I had this semester.

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Something in your eyes makes me wanna lose myself

makes me wanna lose myself in your arms.

Something in your voice makes my heart beat fast

hope this feeling lasts all of my life..

This song has been in my  head for a week now and it was the perfect title for this post! I got to shoot some couples pictures of one of my really good friend, Kate, and her boyfriend! For lack of better places to go we went back to my favorite abandoned house, but used more of the landscape than house this time. She wore my freshman year homecoming dress and rocked it…they matched so well and it was adorable! Love them and had an awesome time….it started raining right as we were finished. Perfect. Some favorites..

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