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Something in your eyes makes me wanna lose myself

makes me wanna lose myself in your arms.

Something in your voice makes my heart beat fast

hope this feeling lasts all of my life..

This song has been in my  head for a week now and it was the perfect title for this post! I got to shoot some couples pictures of one of my really good friend, Kate, and her boyfriend! For lack of better places to go we went back to my favorite abandoned house, but used more of the landscape than house this time. She wore my freshman year homecoming dress and rocked it…they matched so well and it was adorable! Love them and had an awesome time….it started raining right as we were finished. Perfect. Some favorites..

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Abandoned Spaces

Sooo….I was supposed to have a photoshoot this morning and unfortunately it got cancelled. SOOOO I was bored and so me and my friends, Tim and Dylan went exploring. We went to this abandoned house I’d seen once before and explored it. I love looking through old buildings, it makes me wonder who used to live there, what did they do, what memories did they have there? And the ultimate question: what happened to them? So interesting. We found an old couch in one of the rooms, a stove, and a well out back as well as a shed with a MILLION really old glass beer bottles in it haha. Heres some favs of the day. 🙂

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