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Images 1-3: These are some sketches for the zoo icons (last image) I initially did. I ended up bringing them onto the computer and tracing them with the pen tool because I am pretty good at drawing. I tried to come up with a distinct style for all of the animals, a unique and uniform one. The style I went with was somewhat abstract and cutout, for example the stripes on the zebra, any major shadows, eyes, etc were all cut out.

Image 4: This is the group project we did. We had to do a character illustration and put him in a scene. My partner and I decided to do something humorous and ironic so we chose to do an old man skydiving, complete with his dentures falling out. Its very cartoonish and animated looking.

Image 5: We were required to redesign the current Concerned Women for America logo. I tried to choose color schemes that were not too far off from the classic, all American blue and red but I tried to vary the shades I used. My goal was to make it compact, and represent the company well.

Image 6: This is my final project. I chose to do a web concept. My style in photography and graphic design tends to be vintage so I make it look kind’ve collage-ish and used a vintage color scheme. There’s four different icons, they represent the other pages included in the site. I tried to make them all uniform, but slightly unique in their own way.


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My portfolio for my advanced digital photography class I had this semester.

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